Session start Session title Time Author(s) Title
August 24.        
24/08/2011 08:30 Registration      
24/08/2011 09:00 Tutorial Part 1   Miklós Biró Hands-on SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504) Tutorial Part 1
24/08/2011 12:00 Lunch break      
24/08/2011 13:00 Tutorial Part 2   Miklós Biró Hands-on SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504) Tutorial Part 2
24/08/2011 15:00 Coffee break      
24/08/2011 15:30 Tutorial Part 3   Miklós Biró Hands-on SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504) Tutorial Part 3
24/08/2011 16:30 Close of day      
24/08/2011 20:00 Conference reception   - András Nábrádi, Dean (Faculty of Applied Economics and Rural Development, University of Debrecen)
Jaroslav Zendulka, Dean (Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology),
CEE-SET Steering Committee
Welcoming addresses
August 25.        
25/08/2011 08:30 Registration      
25/08/2011 09:00 Opening   - Chair: Miklós Biró
- István Alföldi, John von Neumann Computer Society (CEO),
IFIP TC2 CEE-SET'2011 Co-chair
Opening address
25/08/2011 09:05 Keynote 1   Péter Ilosvai
IT Services Hungary
Enabler of connected life and work
25/08/2011 09:40 Session 1   Chair: Ladislav Samuelis  
    25/08/2011 09:40 Ladislav Samuelis On Principles of Software Engineering - The Role of Inductive Inference
    25/08/2011 10:10 Noureddine Kerzazi, Mathieu Lavallee,  Pierre N Robillard A Knowledge-based Perspective for Software Process  Modeling
    25/08/2011 10:40 Ovidiu Gherman, Stefan Gheorghe Pentiuc Middleware Architecture for the Interconnection of Distributed and Parallel Systems
    25/08/2011 11:10 Dessislava Petrova-Antonova, Sylvia Ilieva, Ilina Manova, Denitsa Manova Towards Automation Testing of Web Service Compositions
    25/08/2011 11:40 Anna Medve Standards-based Framework for Functionally Integrated Engineering of Information Systems Security (Work-in-progress presentation)
25/08/2011 12:10 Lunch break      
25/08/2011 13:00 Keynote 2   Richard Messnarz
Principles and concepts of integrated design - software as part of a bigger world
25/08/2011 13:40 Session 2   Chair: Katalin Szenes  
    25/08/2011 13:40 Zdenek Melis, Jaroslav Zacek, Frantisek Hunka Comparison of MDA and DSM Technologies for the REA Ontology Model Creation
    25/08/2011 14:10 Katalin Szenes Supporting Applications Development and Operation  Using IT Security and Audit Measures
    25/08/2011 14:40 Kalina Dimitrova, Aleksandar Dimov and Dessislava Petrova-Antonova Reusable components in database-centric software systems (Work-in-progress presentation)
25/08/2011 15:10 Coffee break      
25/08/2011 15:30 Session 3   Chair: Bogumila Hnatkowska  
    25/08/2011 15:30 Zoran Budimac, Zoran Putnik, Mirjana Ivanović, Klaus Bothe A View on a Successful International Educational Project in Software Engineering
    25/08/2011 16:00 Bogumila Hnatkowska Software Engineering Team Project – Lessons Learned
    25/08/2011 16:30 Alex Muscar An Embedded Domain Specic Language for Building BDI Agents in F#
    25/08/2011 17:00 Ilenia Fronza, Nattakarn Phaphoom, Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo Succi, Jelena Vlasenko Toward an Overall Understanding of Novices' Work (Work-in-progress presentation)
    25/08/2011 17:30 Frank Padberg,  David Weiss A Simulation-based Approach to the Study of Optimal Scheduling Policies for Software Projects (Work-in-progress presentation)
25/08/2011 18:00 IFIP TC2 Manfred Paul Award for Excellence in Software: Theory and Practice      
25/08/2011 18:15 Steering Committee meeting      
25/08/2011 20:00 Conference dinner   - György Terdik, Dean (Faculty of Informatics, University of Debrecen)
Jerzy Nawrocki, IFIP TC2 Vice-Chair,
IFIP TC2 CEE-SET PC Co-chair, Dean (Faculty of Informatics, Poznan University of Technology)
Welcoming addresses,
IFIP: The Past and the Future
August 26.        
26/08/2011 09:00 Keynote 3   András Gábor
National Instruments Hungary
Identity Management Challenges
26/08/2011 09:40 Session 4   Chair: Simona Jeners  
    26/08/2011 09:40 Simona Pricope, Horst Lichter, Carlos Augusto Gomez Rosenkranz An Efficient Adoption and Assessment of Multiple Reference Models
    26/08/2011 10:10 Dániel Horpácsi, Judit Kőszegi Static analysis of function calls in Erlang: Refining the static function call graph with dynamic call information by using data-flow analysis
    26/08/2011 10:40 Jaroslav Zacek, Frantisek Hunka Reusable object-oriented model
    26/08/2011 11:10 Péter Balázs Polgár Using the Cognitive Walkthrough Method in Software Process Improvement
    26/08/2011 11:40 Andrzej Zalewski, Szymon Kijas From Principles to Details: Integrated Framework for Architecture Modelling of Large Scale Software Systems
    26/08/2011 12:10 Lajos Kollár, Attila Adamkó Approaches of Incorporating Business Process Models into Web Engineering (Work-in-progress presentation)
    26/08/2011 12:40 Balázs Hadházi-Borsos How to Create Ergonomic Software (Work-in-progress presentation)
26/08/2011 13:10 Close of conference      
  Optional excursion (Information and participation fee to be announced)      
  Free with your name badge, you are welcome to visit and relax in the 190 years old Botanical Garden.