Hands-on SPICE, an exclusive one day pre-conference tutorial session on August 24th

posted Jun 25, 2011, 12:32 PM by Miklós Biró   [ updated Jun 25, 2011, 1:04 PM ]

The John von Neumann Computer Society offers Hands-on SPICE, an one day pre-conference tutorial session included in the registration fee of the IFIP TC2 CEE-SET’2011 Conference. The exclusive tutorial welcomes further participants for a special fee. Registration available at the IFIP TC2 CEE-SET’2011 (http://cee-set.njszt.hu/) web site.

ISO/IEC 15504 (nickname: SPICE~Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination) is an international standard which provides a model for the assessment and improvement of processes especially in the software development domain where its application is becoming a requirement for a company to sustain its market position and for being considered as a reliable business partner.

The exclusive hands-on tutorial is presented by the chair of the Software Quality Management Division of the John von Neumann Computer Society who has a leading role in several worldwide software process improvement initiatives and conferences (e.g. EuroSPI, SPI Manifesto, ECQA Certified PI Manager job role). He is also a founding member of the Doctoral School in Informatics of Loránd Eötvös University where he is responsible for this subject. (http://members.iif.hu/birom/)

The agenda of the tutorial will include the following topics:

- Historical Perspective on the State of Software Process Improvement [*]
- Process and Life Cycle Models
- Capability and Maturity Models
- Process Dimension
- Capability Dimension
- Assessment and Rating

An engaging social atmosphere is planned to be created with the help of cloud computing which allows all participants to give immediate and persistent feedback from a WiFi enabled laptop or smart phone.

[*] Biró, M.: The Software Process Improvement Hype Cycle. Invited contribution to the Monograph: Experiences and Advances in Software Quality (Guest editors: D.Dalcher, L. Fernández-Sanz) CEPIS UPGRADE Vol. X (5) (2009) pp. 14-20.
accessed on 24/06/2011.