1.       There are four tracks. Topics are suggested are just indicative but not limited. Under each track participants can choose any other relevant topic.

2.       During the conference, tracks will run in parallel. There will be two venues and each Venue will host 2 tracks.

Track I: Trends in Medical Devices

·         Medical Devices  market across the Globe

o    Future vision and trends 

o    Drivers for outsourcing

·         Home care technologies

o    Smart Apps or Pocket apps or Personal Applications for wellness management

o    Mobile phones will double as Medical Devices in the Future.  How?

o    Smart solutions for Geriatric population wellness management

·         Regulations for Medical Devices

o    Regulatory environment for sale of medical devices in US

o    Regulatory affairs for medical devices in India

Track II: Trends in Testing: Verification and Validation

·         Approach for regression testing: What is regression and What to regress?

·         Is Software testing an investment or overhead or a necessary evil?

·         Good enough quality for software application

·         Owner of Quality of application – Developer or tester?

·         Software Testing methodology in alignment to development methodology – Is this absolutely essential?

Track III: Agile Development Methodologies

·         Agile Execution using SCRUM/XP

·         Agile V/s Waterfall

·         Agile Methodologies – Another Hype?

·         Challenges of the Agile paradigm

Track IV: Trends in Teaching & Learning

·         Technology enabled Learning Platforms

·         Effective Instructional Design for Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning

·         Game based Learning

·         Influence of Social Networking on Learning Methods

·         Collaborative eLearning

·         Possibilities in mLearning

·         Measuring Training Effectiveness